becgi @ Keysounds


becgi is an open-source BMS event venue code that runs on Python 3.4
Anyone can download the code and run it on their website if they wish.
This code was originally used for Be-Music West and has been improved since.
We are now hosting becgi here on Keysounds.

becgi supports markdown on comments, descriptions and event rules.

The code was created with the intention of being used for small-scale events,
or events that use special rules, e.g. for score calculation.
By making this venue open-source it is also possible
for anyone to host a BMS event on their website!
We also want to make BMS events more accessible to the English-speaking community, which is how Be-Music West started.


If you want to host a BMS event on our site, or have any other inquiries or questions, please send an email to the venue administrator.

The server is owned by Dolphin, whilst the becgi code is written by Agka.