Song Information

Mettaton Malfunction

by TomoAlien (TomoAlien)


Remix of "Dance of Dog" and "It's Showtime" from Undertale. Made using old software such as Sound Club for Windows 95 and s3mtoBMS. It's 5-keys, and has 3 difficulties: Normal[4], Hard[5], Another[8]. Made in an hour or so, and it's 1:11 minutes long.



Total Impressions: 1

Name Maiz

That's the smallest BMS files I've ever seen (for English community of course).

Nicely work on the music, Simple style of music in terms of repetitive that turns out pretty well done on my view. and clean arrangements on the chart that makes it much fun to play.

Good work. Hope to see more of your BMS works on future English events.