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Registration Rules

The BMS format and registration rules will be based on BRS ver.003. BRS ver.003
Please refer to that for details.

In principle, there will be no restrictions regarding genre, difficulty, amount of keys, etc.
As long as the entry does not violate the rules defined by BRS BRS ver.003, anything is acceptable. However, we encourage people to submit works which fit the theme of the event. We also recommend including a chart which can be played by less skilled players (not required.)

If the BMS requires a special operating environment, please state the details in the registration comment. Example: A certain BMS only works as intended with beatoraja, due to the use of new features, such as SCROLL.

Impression Rules

The impression rules will be based on BRS ver.003. BRS ver.003
Please refer to that for details.

The impression score will range from 1 to 7 points.

In addition to the score, the voter may indicate wether they deemed the BMS to be unique, novel, or if it otherwise fits the theme of the event. This is done by checking the "NOVEL" box when writing the impression. As a rule of thumb, if “this BMS could be submitted to most other events” applies, then you should not tick the box for “NOVEL”. However, due to the subjective nature of novelty and uniqueness, we will leave it up to your own judgement.

The NOVELTY RATE will contribute to the entry’s final score. Based on the rate, you can get up to 30 additional points added to the total score. For instance, if you get a NOVELTY RATE of 25%, you will receive 8 points, as 25% of 30 is 7.5, which becomes 8 when rounded to the nearest whole number. If you get a NOVELTY RATE of 100%, you will receive 30 points.

Total Score + (30 * NOVELTY RATE)

Due to the nature of the event, some entries may be difficult or even impossible to play for less skilled players. This is why we will make an exception to one rule from BRS. BRS ver.003

You may post an impression on a given work based on seeing the AUTOPLAY of the chart. However, please download the BMS yourself, and run the AUTOPLAY inside beatoraja or LunaticRave2, instead of relying on online videos or live broadcasts of the event. This exception will not allow impressions based on the music or BGA alone.